Fly Tying Competition

Fly Tying - This competition runs during the five winter months May - Sept.

Flies are entered in each month (based on a pattern advertised the previous month), these are then judged by members votes, the fly with the most votes wins.  All votes go forward to be added onto each competitor’s total votes/points, at the end of the competition, the person with the most votes is the winner of the Arthur Gorton Memorial Trophy to hang on their wall for a year.

The Arthur Gorton Trophy is a set of orginal water colour paintings of flies tied by Southland Fly Fishing Club members at the time and painted by Michael Scheele, mounted in a large picture frame.

All flies are also entered into a draw, and the number drawn, give the Fly Tier a voucher to be spent at Hunting & Fishing Invercargill, our main sponsor.